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Harrisfield Primary School Vision

Harrisfield Primary School strives to develop the personal and interpersonal skills of every student to enable them to become active participants in their global community. Our contribution to their learning journey will build the foundations for them to be innovative thinkers and life long learners, prepared to face the challenges of an ever changing society.
Harrisfield Primary School was established in 1956 in an area of Noble Park known to local residents as Harrisfield. Harrisfield is located at 495 Princes Highway, on the corner of Callander Road. The school has a natural catchment area bordered by Princes Highway, Chandler and Corrigan Roads and the Pakenham railway line (Noble Park Station).
The needs of students are addressed through a differentiated teaching program which focuses on teaching each individual student at their point of need for Reading, Writing and Mathematics. Students move within these groups according to their needs in the various subjects and topics. They may have students from all four year levels in their learning group. Teachers and students will change from subject to subject. In addition during Mathematics and English we reduce the group size by increasing the number of teachers in the learning spaces. English as an Additional Language (EAL) is provided for students who have recently arrived from overseas and require further assistance in English.
In addition to these programs, Harrisfield has a Primary Welfare Officer and a Chaplain who provide a further avenue of support to all members of the school community. These two staff members also coordinate programs such as Active After School activities, Girls on the Go (year 6 personal development program) and Seasons for Growth (a program to support students who have undergone significant change or loss in their lives).
The school has a philosophy of 'Restorative Practices' as a means of issue resolution and student management. This belief is embedded and has been a significant contributor to the harmonious environment that exists within the school.
Families are further supported by an Out of School Hours program which operates daily from 6:30am until 6:30pm. This is an accredited program which is ran by Extend Before and After School Care.
Our Annual Report can be downloaded here
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Principal: Mrs Meredith Iaconese

Assistant Principal: Mrs Helen Papas

Business Manager: Debbie Gillies

Office Manager: Belinda Hall